Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today is a Google Plus Day

My partner Rocky surprised me this morning with today's source of ubergeekgasm.

This early, I am already loving Google +

The privacy controls you are given are spectacular!  The interface is smooth and I love also how images you've uploaded to blogger can easily be tapped for this as well.  Google's integration of their many services really works well here.  And seriously, the fact I can EDIT what I've already posted is such a huge plus.  Thank you Google for taking this step into social networking.  

I actually decided to make a public stream of my constructive suggestions for this to get even more awesome. You can find it here

It is ironic how there's a strange self-awareness of wanting to avoid oversharing here on Google +, which doesn't exist in Facebook.  I guess its cause in Google + you are aware of the circles you are willing to share things with.  I highly suspect I will only still use Facebook for stupid ranting and rambling with those who don't shift, and use Google + to have more meaningful sharing and discussions with my friends.

Great job Google!
I only hope you don't give up on this.

And yes, find a way to revive WAVE into this please!


  1. Thanks for enjoying this with me love. =)

  2. can't you send me a invitation? pleaseee xD

  3. Ay, need pala ng special invite para ma-try yung website :)

  4. Sadly, it seems invites are not available for now. Rocky and I were using a loophole before to invite friends in. But now we can't do so.



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