Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pride isn't always Evil

The White Party is almost here and Rocky and I had a pair of matching shirts to wear for the event.  Even more awesome is how we've been added to the VIP guest list which means no worrying over long lines just to get to our favorite bar.  I guess iba talaga ang alaga ng bar towards people when it really cares for its clients and isn't just after the moolah.  But I'll let that train of thought stop there.

This would be the third time Rocky and I are attending the annual White Party and I can't help but still look back at how my life before didn't care about coming out or being proud of who I am.  But I guess life can be unexpected that way.  And love, that fulfilling.

Since I started my other blog, I've tried to focus more on the gay stuff on that blog, and the personal and geeky stuff here.  I find myself always caught in the middle when it comes to updates on my geeky gay life.  While say updates on gaming, or videogames, or a movie can easily fall here in The Garapata Can Speak, and my geekwood devoted posts, gay politics updates and the like can fall under Blame It On The Rain, Bro, I've always struggled on where to place updates of my existing relationship with Rocky and how we enjoy our geeky-gay life together.  At times I put them here, since they're generic enough for the non-gay-friendly audience to read.  But at times I place them at Blame it since they're seemingly more appropriately placed there.  Both are personally important blogs of mine, so the confusion never quickly fades.

Soon, however, that problem will cease to exist.  Rocky and I are in the process of creating a blog which will house our updates of our day-to-day happiness and in many ways act as a nice diary of sorts of our shared lives.  While these two other blogs are always there to contain my ranting, the new blog will definitely be our way of celebrating how happy we are and how awesome every single day is now that we found each other.

I can't wait to get that blog up and running.  I'm still working on ideas for the blog template/look.  But we've pretty much decided on what to call it.  Rocky even purchased the domain name already!

While I am certain there will be those who won't "like" how mushily happy we are, and for sure there will be those naysayers who think a love like ours cannot be real, I think time will tell how wrong they are.  We've already hit two years and continue to grow stronger, happier, and even more baduy with every passing day.

Sometimes, there's a reason to have some Pride for what you have.
And we are definitely going to celebrate that very soon!

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