Friday, May 06, 2011


Unbelievably, Kylie has decided to have a concert in Manila! So yes, we are actually going to have a chance to watch her LIVE!  If only.. oooh my gosh if only I could find a way to have her meet me and my partner!  I would soooooo beg her to have her marry us as if she were legally allowed to do so.  Who needs a pastor when a DIVA can marry you!??!!  :-)

We got Upper Box tickets, which aren't the closest tickets but who cares!  Kylie concerts are best viewed when you can take in everything you can see!  Kylie always fills the stage with fantastic imagery and lovely lights and sass!  Frankly, I was only tempted to get the 15k tickets for a chance to greet her backstage.  But, sighs, I doubt we can afford such an honor.

But yeah, KYLIE is coming to Manila!
I can't wait!!!!!

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