Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just a few more pages... and it is finally over.

I admit, the comic has taken the long way to reach the ending.    Today, I finished two more pages, and uploaded them to the blog, to be released with a few days gap between them.  I updated as well the directory on the side so that people can easily click to find the page they were reading.  Much of the story is out there now.  No backing out to how this all ends.  Performance anxiety be damned, this long journey will reach its ending this year.

October.  Rocky has been very supportive in getting me to finish this comic this year.   He wants me to give this a proper ending, and get started on the next one which has been percolating for the better part of two  years in my head.  But yeah, this comic has gone through a lot.

Even lost two of its original websites.  One was an ancient website I created using the free space offered by Geocities.  When that kept running out of free bandwidth to read the comic pages, I then moved to a paid website service which allowed me to have the url http:.// for a while.  But that too eventually floundered and now, Diliman exists as a free comic in Blogspot.

I wonder if I can rally up some people to write about it again for the finale?  Maybe get some friends in the industry to share a sentence or two about the book to have on the site?  Not too long ago, I tried to drum up excitement for what was the tenth anniversary of the comic by asking for submissions from various friends of all backgrounds, but alas everyone was far too busy to make anything it seemed.

But yes, thankfully I do know there are still readers.  And even if this comic dies a quiet ending, I don't care.  It deserves to be told and it deserves to be completed.

Here's to this October being the final send off for Diliman.
Thanks for reading.

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