Saturday, April 02, 2011

024 of 365 Things I Want To Do

024 of 365 Things I Want To Do

Hmmm I realize Rocky does THIS to me.  Hmmm...

Unbelievable but yeah.  I think I am slowly starting to feel the courage to own a dog (again).

We used to have a dog back in Paranaque.  Odd as it sounds, with my phobia towards them, I used to come home to a pair of excited mongrels.  I'd pull out my pieces of bread (which I'd purchase on the way home) then throw it as far as I can muster to distract them while I make for the door.  It was only now, of course, that I realize since I did this practically EVERY day... all the more did the dogs think it was a game I loved doing.  That explains why they were more and more excited each week (which I kept interpreting as them wanting to attack me since I keep escaping them!).

But yeah, I think I'm starting more and more to reconsider never owning a dog again.  I think with Rocky, I will be able to handle it.

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