Sunday, February 06, 2011

Psychotic Gaming Weekend

So I haven't been able to hit the gym lately.

Yeah, I know.  I promised I should start getting back on the work-out mode this year.  But thankfully, while the actual gym has not felt my presence, I have kept active with some toning and core exercises during the last few days with the set of dumbbells that Rocky and I got at Shopwise some months back and PS3's very engaging game called The Fight.   While I work on stuff on the computer, I've started making it a habit to complete a superset of arm and shoulder exercises each day.  It isn't actually much, I know, but it definitely beats not having any form of work out at all.  I've been able to do occasional sets for chest and back exercises too but to be more honest, it just doesn't feel the same without a proper bench (and I fear sweating on our couch).

On playing The Fight, my how time can fly when that game is on.  There are days when I do get to play it I end up clocking in an hour or two of attempting to beat up virtual jerks.  (I admit, it is a good release considering the real jerks in the world are protected by my own virtues and character.  Had I been a lesser man... oh had I been a lesser man.)  I've been really having fun with this game and I love how I feel the burn the next morning after a nice intense game session.

However, I have no idea how to properly count these as far as my tally is concerned.  Clearly, they do not replace gym sessions.  But they should count somehow right?  At least as a rating all their own.  I have not gotten a chance to leap into Insanity.  I know I promised Ate Two Mina that I would but part of me wonders if I can handle it.  What I've seen so far is scary but exciting at the same time.  I can definitely see it affecting my schedule however, possibly keeping me from actually going to Paranaque to work on most days as well as reducing any hanky-panky time that I might have wanted to indulge in.

But oh the results.  To be healthier and to regain the fitness I had before.  Those are worth it.  Definitely worth it.   Sometimes I wish I could be as selfish as some people who just leave every other responsibility behind to hit the gym just for themselves.  It would be so easy.  But I was never raised to be a selfish boy and I am not growing up to be that kind of a man either.  So finding that balance.  Yeah, tricky but not impossible.

On the gaming front, this weeks game schedules went absolutely awry.  The Saturday T.R.O.P.A. Giovanni game had to be on hold since Rocky wanted to visit his family while Seth needed some couple time.  The Sunday Singularity game on the other hand was put on hold when some emergency had to be handled.   Not that we didn't get a chance to make the weekend awesome.  Sam, Aldwin and Urim hung out at the Sietch and we playtested the upcoming Part-Time Gods, a Third Eye Games game of Eloy Lasanta and had our share of comments, feedback, concerns and thoughts jotted down, then afterwards had a disturbingly dark yet satisfyingly engaging session of Psychosis, a role-playing game that not only challenges the notion of how games are played, but how they are experienced as well.  While it is no longer than unique to play a game that uses Tarot cards instead of dice, this game has NO character sheets at all.  Just think about that for a minute.

Sunday is still being formulated.  Being free, my first impulse was to see if good friend Z was available.  Hanging out with him has always been a welcome experience.  While we were never as close as I wished we were in the past, it is really nice lately to be able to hear from him and that recent shopping trip to Festival Mall that Rocky and I had with him was definitely fun.   There is a preciously rare joy to be relished when one sees two great-looking geeks eagerly trading Transformers chatter in front of you.  I really wish there was some way to explain this for all of you to grasp, but understandably some of you readers still think being a geek means being into Glee.

But yeah, more Z time would have been fun.  Pizza, toys and maybe some time with the boys would have been an amusing way to spend this quiet Sunday, but alas he couldn't make it.   Remembering the other people whom we haven't been in touch with lately, I decide to shoot out a few more messages to see if they'd like to break their routines.  M was still in hibernation mode, a choice which I ponder on but respect. Little Bird shared some amusing tidbits about mutual meh, and ultimately I just ended up laughing.  Tom inquired about Beat Sketch and I did not know to explain its awesomeness without sounding insane as I talk about drawing music and the like.   Z found me a copy to purchase at Gloriettta and I wonder when I'd be able to swing by to grab it.

Then there's the new Ape Escape game for the PS3 Move and Eye! The franchise was hilariously entertaining when it first came out for the Playstation back in 1999.   It makes use of the Move controller to catch the 400 monkeys that are running around and wrecking havoc on the city.

RD and Anak were out of town.  And of course, there was the threat of mumus haunting my favorite haunts.  Sad but true, having breeding and character also meant not having certain people banned from my favorite hangouts.

I can't wait to get back into the gym groove however.   The joy of the weights is feeling that long missed burn that comes after a particularly enjoyable session.  I wonder though if it will mean having to fend of more monkeys than I already have to each night I head to O bar.    Maybe that's why I've been warming up with The Fight?  :-)

Hmm could this be why Urim and I are good friends?
Didn't I see this in Lost?
Oh look, Urim just arrived.
I sense Carcassonne in the near future.

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