Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kurt of Glee the new BUCKY!

Could it be?  
GASP! Chris Colfer of GLEE is the new BUCKY?
Could the upcoming Captain America film be any more awesome?!?!

Just kidding folks.
Just found myself amused that the image of Bucky actually does look like him.
:-P  It would have been fun though.  Imagine him as Bucky breaking into song during the movie, "Wheeeeeen Captain America throws his mighty shield.... All those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiieeeeeeld!!!"

Bucky is really to be played by Gossip Girl's Sebastian Stan.
But damn, I would have loved a Chris Colfer Bucky.  He would have been awesome, stylish, and comic fans would know how huge a role he plays in the birth of Captain America himself.  Could you imagine it, Chris, being there to save the other Chris from certain doom at times, leaping to his rescue?  Grabbing him mid-air to hold him tight and protect him from the incoming hail of bullets!
Yeah, I thought so too.

Oh well, here's the song though.
Hope he someday decides to sing it on youtube!

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