Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hmmm... They're searching for ME?

Was pondering on what to write about when I decided to take a peek at my blogger.com stats and see what search key words were leading people to my site.  Lo and behold, I discovered that a good number of hits were coming from people who were actually searching for my name.

And baby says...
People out there were looking for me by name.

I always find myself amused and fascinated at the thought that somewhere out there, my names does get around without me knowing.  Like that time I was with my (then) girlfriend at a bookstore in Power Plant, when a group of girls who were talking to her suddenly went all excited.   For some reason, I was at a distance when it happened and when I came up to her to ask what was up, she told me the group actually came up to her, identified her by the nickname I had been using to call her, and were excited to know they met her.  They were fans of mine, supposedly, having read my stuff and loved it.

A similar occurrence has happened in the open gaming meets which we have monthly at Regalia.  I was prepping to run a game when some new faces came up to me and were excitedly asking for a spot in the game.  I then started to hear about how much they've heard from others of my approach to gaming, and how lucky they would be to actually be in my game.

It boggles the mind, to be honest.  I know I am kinda "out there" with my online comics, short films, writings, poems, and the like.  I know I once was asked to judge a cosplay event, host a poetry group, emcee a writing forum, and even become a speaker at some point for writing and salamangka.  But I still don't really think I'm in any way or form more popular or sought out the way others say I am.
At least you're not dead!
I dunno.  A director friend of mine said it was misplaced humility on my part.   A co-worker once told me I can do so many great things, if only I'd stop thinking I shouldn't.   For a long time I felt the things I enjoy and love to share would be found more acceptable and interesting only in places outside the shores of the Philippines.

But it happens.  Those weird moments someone I don't know goes all gaga to realize they're talking with me.  Or when I receive emails or comments from strangers who commend me for my work.  Or thank me for helping them through something they thought they were dealing with alone.

Plant Kamote!
And somehow I feel that is actually enough.  While my comics might never reach the popularity and caliber of Carlo Vergara's Zsazsa Zaturnnah which launched a highly successful musical, a movie, and reached even international audiences or of Gerry Alanguilan's Elmer which has captured a spot among French readers while his funny Hey Baby youtube antics have gained him stardom to some degree... I guess I feel glad knowing I touch lives and make people feel better about themselves and the world they live in.

To be honest, though, it would be fantastic also if I could earn more.   But that's life.

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