Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This Year's 365 (blank)

It is already the midpoint of the first week of 2011 and I still haven't decided on what kind of a 365 I plan to do this time.  Part of me was tossing a few ideas around and ultimately I realized while I might have trouble fulfilling it as a daily thing, I do definitely want to be sure to hit the 365 number of entries in regards to it.

So here are the ideas I had in mind.
Which one should I do?  Maybe you guys can tell me.

365 Plots to Run
Each day, I can post a game idea/chronicle idea which anyone out there who runs storyteller games/role-playing games/writes stories can use as a catalyst to a hell of a great time.  Copyrights aside, I can imagine how fun this can be as I squeeze my brain for more and more stories to tell.  The real trick of this is how to make sure I don't "double post" an idea.

365 Comics Drawn
Basically come up with a total of 365 comic strips/posts within the year.  They can be single panel jokes like in Gary Larson's The Far Side, or three panel zingers as typically done in comics.  Or maybe, just to promise to sketch or draw something daily for the whole year.   It can help me regain better sense of my drawing skills, a skill I have to admit I haven't been using in a long, long while.

365 Dishes of Doom
Maybe I can challenge myself to hit 365 different dishes to prepare.  I know there was great feedback and responses last year from the food porn pics my partner Rocky and I had posted.  I wonder if I can actually challenge myself to come up with 365 different dishes to make.  I'd probably have to cheat and include some dishes I already can do, but most likely that would still leave around 300+ new dishes to create.

365 Reasons I am Happy
In a similar vein to last year's Geeky Happiness, maybe this time I can try to post 365 images that reflect reasons why I am happy, and these can be things that might not necessarily be geeky, but do make me smile.  There's just too much negativity out there and maybe this kind of a 365 can help remind others there is ALWAYS a reason to smile.

So there you go.  The ideas in my head.
Any of you guys out there got suggestions or votes on which seems best for me to do?
Lemme know before the week is over!


  1. I vote for 365 Reasons to be Happy first, at least because that's the easiest to do. I can imagine it'd be tough to crank out a story idea on a really rough day. But if you're up to challenging yourself as a storyteller, why not? :)

    I also vote for 365 dishes. Always helps to know how to cook scrumptious dishes. :D

  2. Tee hee! If only other people would vote to break this tie then heheh!



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