Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Would Look Forward to in the Future

Guild Wars 2
In as much as I have been quite clearly against MMOs calling themselves role-playing games, a huge part of what makes me despise them is the fact such games are too focused on grinding, pointless repetitive quests, and barely-existent actual role-playing going on.    World of Warcraft failed to really capture my interest.  DC Universe Online disappointed me big time.  All the Korean MMOs I had played were cutesy fun at first then horribly grindingly boring real fast.    Even the upcoming World of Darkness MMO is making me worry.  All we have seen is a teaser and that's it.

Guild Wars 2, however, has clearly stated they plan to address the concerns of repetitive questing and pointless grinding.    From the updates they have been sharing, the triggered quests seem to be more important than the usual repetitive ones in MMOs.    They boldly proclaim their MMO manifesto (and gain bonus points from me for calling it MMO and not MMORPG) in this video, which shows promise for the direction the game is taking.   I'm actually tempted to try it when it comes out.

Little Big Planet 2
Little Big Planet was already a fantastic game at its initial incarnation.  With so much potential locked in what looked like a kiddy platformer, the game was a sandbox of creativity waiting to be unlocked.  The very first level I made and shared was a Dynasty Warriors inspired one which was barely challenging to play.  The later Dr. Who inspired level I made boasted numerous levels to explore, hidden secrets, a boss moment and a narrative element that was too easy and too hard in certain instances.    God knows how much I was envious too of the other downloadable content that was available.  I wanted to buy the Pirates level builder to gain access to water, the variety of costumes available for period pieces and popular fandom looks.  And I still fondly recall the best stages I tried playing.

Little Big Planet 2 sets itself up to do everything the first game has done, and push it to the next level.    Already this early, fantastic creations are already being shaped by those who have access to the beta test of the game.  The limitations of a platformer game as a look for the game are no longer in effect!  Just check out the adaptation of the game Flower!  Or their version of Pac Man!

Beyond Good and Evil is coming back!
From the Beyond Good and Evil HD version coming up, there is also news of an upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2 game!  When I first played the original game on the Play Station 2, I recall how much I loved this game for its unique sense of humor, varied gameplay and compelling story.  Like a strange mix of Solyent Green and Legend of Zelda, the game has twists and visuals that simply give it such a unique look and feel that it really saddens me how it never hit it big due to the lack of strong marketing and support from its distributor.

I am really hoping that these two games come out and that the world sees the beauty and fun that this game has to offer.  Seriously.  God of War and Devil May Cry have nothing compared to this game.

But sadly, once you visit their official site however.


But no, i will not give up!

More Old Games Coming Back!
Other than Beyond Good and Evil, I am overjoyed to know that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are now going to be ported to the PlayStation 3 as well!  I already have a copy of the Prince of Persia Trilogy and the Sly Cooper compilation too!  Here's hoping even obscure but fun games like Eretzvaju and Bust a Groove (Not to be confused with the stupid dinosaur bubble game) get ported.  I doubt it, but one can hope right?

Sequels to Games We Love
There are also the great games that are about to finally release their long-awaited sequels.  Batman's Arkham City, Silent Hill 8, Dynasty Warriors 7, and best of all, America McGee's Alice: Madness Returns are about to have come back games on the horizon!

And let's hope for Kingdom Hearts 3!

The Dark Knight Rises
Sooooo psyched for the next Chris Nolan Batman movie.  With his having confirmed Tom Hardy having a role in the movie, I can't wait to see what his warped mind has in store for us next.   Lots of people are placing bets that good ole Tom will be Hugo Strange.  I personally am hoping he ends up being the new Riddler.  Probably one given a more Clock Work Orange twist.  I wouldn't mind if he goes for Clayface too, as long as he has many shirtless moments before and after turning into mud.

And more, more, more geeky moments with my Wocky.
Everything from getting more Transformers, a joy far too long denied, to indulging in movies, shows, and other little pampering things, my life with my partner continues to get better and better each and every single day.   I love being in a relationship where one can be as geekily gay as one really is.

2011, bring your wicked wabbits!
I am ready for you!

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