Saturday, December 04, 2010

So Tired. But just about done. (For Yesterday)

Yep.  That work I was complaining about?
Just about finished it right now.  That's 2:03am of the next morning.
And yes, it MIGHT have to happen again later.

Yay me.

I so wish I was home with my Rocky, to celebrate the Pride March instead.
But at the same time, I have to admit, it has also been fun exploring Singapore with my parents.
Just could be so much better if work can be somehow removed from the equation.
And if somehow roaming actually fraking worked.

In other news, Rocky has just found me his Christmas gift!  This scares me.  In a good way.  But scares me nontheless!   Last year was a mixed bag.  This year, however, has been better and better each passing day.  And now knowing he's already found a gift for me, I'm gonna have to step up and find his!   Here at Singapore, I was tempted to get him this Unicron toy which was around S$180, but thankfully it wasn't the one he liked so good thing I didn't get it yet.  There are a few other options I saw which he might like, but oh, the challenge of trying to decide which one to get.

Ain't easy, I'll admit to you that.

There's always that innate fear of wanting one's chosen gift for the other to be just as cool as the one they found for you.  It is, of course, an almost unrealistic expectation.  But I guess in many ways it is a reminder I should focus on what makes gift giving special.  When looking for a gift is a search for something that would make the other happy, it is a real gift.    There is "nothing" you need to match or equal.  Just get the gift you really feel you want the other to have.

But no matter how popular the Florence and the Machine resurfacing song has gotten, no way are the dog days over it seems.

In fact, it keeps getting better.

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