Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday Game Group

I've been throwing ideas around on what to run for the Sunday group and if anything the biggest thing I want to do is run a story which is not hindered too much by other books.  I realize I miss the freedom of making homebrewed games and while it can be fun to explore settings like 7th Seas or Castle Falkenstein, a larger part of me is desperately seeking for a gaming setting which will allow me to throw anything from mile long elemental dragons with thriving cities on its back to a wedding banquet concealing the assassination attempt meant to murder the bride's imaginary friend.

Yes, those kind of games.
The ones that make you gasp.
The ones that catch you off-guard.
The ones that makes you without-a-doubt realize this IS a Tobie game.

And while I've been known to throw those kind of twists in other established games (like the River Tam wanting to destroy all logos of Blue Sun the same night Kaylee sees her hunky Simon Tam wearing pajamas adorned with the said logo as a pattern), I am realizing I want to pull out the stops and make an adventure that crosses all boundaries and remains fun.

Perhaps the best way to say this is:  A game that will be my discworld.

Which brings me to following questions:   What kind of system do I need?  What existing WOD games capture the elements I want?  What theme do I embrace?  I know who my players are but I think this would really work best with a better grasp of what they too are seeking to explore.  As fun as a pre-written game can be, a roleplaying game works best when everyone, including the storyteller, is having a great time.

I am tempted to push for the next level like I did in the games I ran way back.  Sacrament for example had players who were never at the table involved in the game.  The Art on the other hand made good use of websites and at one point in the game even made texting an integral part of the experience.    Could this new game break the fourth wall again in a way which will be fresh and new to the gaming community?

Updates soon.
Hmm maybe a game where all the PCs and NPCs look like him.
That should be fun!

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