Thursday, October 07, 2010

Updates so far

October is here and boy have things been moving swiftly in my life.   So many things have happened in the last few months, I sometimes wonder how I never noticed how stagnant things got before.   Not that my life before was bad, mind you.  Just that, there was a larger extent of so many things given up on or considered impossible that suddenly are now part of my life on either a daily or weekly basis.

Still life does has its ups and downs.  I just find it so hard to believe that nowadays the downs are mostly due to exterior forces such as stupid people who bump into my car or jerks who spread bullshit around as the truth.  Rocky and I have never really had any major fights, and to be honest our minor fights tends to be arguments on one doing the dishes before the other can do so and the sort.  Think about that for a moment:  We argue at times because one might choose to do errands for the other before the other get's to do them himself.  Yes.  That baduy.

We have our own space.  Rocky gets to find time to do all the geeky stuff he was long unable to do so in the past.  He gets to shop for the Transformers he was long denied having, and he gets to enjoy writing for his blogs without feeling like I'm being left alone.  I find myself in a relationship where my urge to run roleplaying games is welcomed and even celebrated with me, and my desire to do film and comics is constantly supported.    We give each other room to grow and yet willingly share the experience with the other when we want to.

We have our own responsibilities.  We divide work appropriately.  We handle finances equally.  We do still treat one another from time to time.  We do still catch the other off guard with gifts and surprises.  But generally, everything we get is something we truly can call "ours" because we both contributed to getting it.    We're not being misers or anything like that.  We don't track every single peso we spend.  But we don't abuse the advantages the other may have.  We don't have one pay so the other can celebrate on his own.

We make it work.  We've gone through trying times and interesting hurdles.  We've faced opposition from many directions and are happy to see more and more of those who used to have doubts realize now how much things are really working more than just for the best, but better than they have ever been.  But even with all that, and an incredible wavelength to boot, we never let down our guard and remain complacent of each other.   We never simply use the other as a trophy or a useful back-up plan.  We hold each other important and special with a sincerity that allows us to be vulnerable yet secure at the same time.

And we still remain shocked at the support.  Rocky's parents' have thrown the word "integration" around, which frankly still overwhelms me considering how long they've known of me.  I haven't met the mother yet, while the dad has waved at me while I was in a car one time.  But both have talked about me and in many ways that is actually saying a lot.  On my end, my parents are still unable to see Rocky as part of my life, but have been making steps to show their support.  They love his cooking, that much I know for certain, and appreciate how thanks to him, they can watch their favorite shows on their spanking new tv.  While they have yet to make any mention of wanting to see him, they have commented on how much happier I am.  As well as hinted at helping me get a condo unit or townhouse to own (one that they stressed is good for two people!)

So yeah, life has been unbelievable.
Not perfect.  But definitely more than just good.

So while I might still have my demons to face.  While assholes still find ways to puncture my car's tires, and while jerks still spread slanderous statements about me behind my back, one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that how one lives his life is ultimately visible and seen by others, and no matter what lies may be spread, the truth can be seen.

Rocky is feeling a tad under the weather.
I'm overly stressed over the delays in getting ABA fixed.
We still got the CBCP being short-sighted bastards.
We still have close-minded religious friends who fail to see beyond what the were told to believe.
We still have annoyingly frustrating attempts to claim refunds.

But you know what?  We're still happy.
I guess when there's just so much love and sincere honest joy in one's relationship, all other problems feel so much easier to face.

I can only wish that such true love is experienced by more.
And especially by those who deserve it.

Honestly, I just found this adorable.
The TIGER and the PIG are so happy!

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