Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 276 of 365 Days of Geeky Happiness

CRAPNESS!  Just realized I posted this book in an earlier entry:
Revising it now.

As of October 19, the book to be featured is:

Cairo by Night was one of those books I didn't really want to buy but opted to when the $6.66 sale hit the world.  While the book isn't as fun to read as others, it did contain very interesting write-ups for the movers and shakers who keep Cairo running.

White Wolf ends their game line with a book that ends everything in so many ways, you find yourself wishing they released these as ten separate books instead.    Thankfully, Vampire was given its own book to give it an ending.
What most don't realize however is Wraith actually got the best ending, since they got a new game line of six books to celebrate their end.

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