Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are celebrating the Freedom to Read

Next week is Banned Books Week.

Even now, many books have been banned from libraries in the United States due to complains about what some close-minded people consider "questionable content."   My partner, Rocky, and I have plans of doing our share of celebrating Banned Books Week by either buying a banned book or writing a review about one next week.  I recently shared the plan with Kenneth Yu of Philippine Genre Stories and I am very excited with the article ideas we were able to come up with in our short chat online.
This event has been happening yearly for quite some time.
I feel bad to only know about it this year!
Expect some articles on this event to be online by next week.

Read more about this event here.
And even if it is a US centric event, I personally feel we should all do our little part in celebrating the freedom books should always have.  Me?  I'm hoping to find a copy of one of this year's banned books, a book called "And Tango Makes Three" which talks about the gay penguins that caught the media's eye not so many years back.  Horribly, such a book was forced out of libraries even if there was no formal complaint about it.
Poor penguins.
I'm gonna find a copy of you, and I'm gonna give you a home among my piggies.
So yes, I'm gonna write about the event to help give it more awareness and buy that book to show support to the people who made it.

What are you planning to do?

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