Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh what to run... What to play... this OGM?

I've been seriously tossing around ideas on what to run this coming Open Gaming Meet on September 18.   The last three meets, I had been meaning to run a game but found myself unable to either due to other commitments that delayed me or due to noise considerations that day.   I have, however, been seriously weighing on whether or not I should simply pre-generate everything to expedite the prep time for a game.  Since I am anticipating those who would be playing would want to be able to mingle and try other games too, I already have embraced the notion of keeping my game two to three hours long at most.

I have three games in mind and I have yet to wonder which one I should really push for during the event.  Let's tackle each one, shall we?

Using the highly received Houses of the Blooded role playing game system designed by John Wick, the game explores the lives of the Ven and the intense interplay of romance, love, passions and revenge in this wonderful system that encourages players to be co-narrators of the story.  Ever since I've first heard of this game, I've been anxious to run it.  My friend and fellow storyteller Adrian found a physical copy of the book and has been asking me to run a game as soon as possible.  I wasn't sure if this game was viable for a demo game, but after spending some weeks reading it I feel more confident now to run a session for the Open Gaming Meet.

Lost but Found
David Chapman and Cubicle 7 created a role playing game translation of the remarkably intelligent BBC show Dr. Who and for some months now I've been wanting to run this game as a surprise for a pair of friends who have yet to play under me but were instrumental in introducing me to the adventures of the whimsical Doctor.  This is my attempt as giving back some of the fun I had and sharing it to people who might have always wanted to be one of the Companions of the Doctor... or have never yet been introduced to the great franchise.

Using either the long discontinued DC Heroes MEGS system, or the very versatile new World of Darkness Storyteller System, lucky players will get a taste of my own interpretations of Neil Gaiman's group of beings who embody seven powerful and undeniable aspects of the universe, the Endless.  While I know I am definitely not as good a writer as Neil himself, I do plan to do my best to create a game session that captures the feeling of a Vertigo graphic novel.

I guess you guys can see now why I am undecided on what to run.
Then again... there is always the next month to try running something else, right?
But this September 18, if anyone out there wants to try any of these games, do let me know.  I am absolutely certain there will be a limited number of available seats (and I'm not even sure if my partner Rocky will have time to play too!) so be sure to drop a note in the OGM facebook event page.

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