Friday, September 17, 2010

No one formed the Head in this one. has released two images from which are concept art for the supposed Voltron Live-Action movie that is coming up.  Already this early, as enthusiastic as I may be that another childhood favorite is coming to the big screen, I hate what I am seeing.

Lemme run down the reasons why:
This is cool.   That image much earlier... uh... what?
1) Not distinct enough colors.
This was a fatal flaw in the Michael Bay Transformers movies.  Color allows one to tell who is who among the  robots.  In Transformers, there was at least some semblance of difference in their looks to tell them apart (I guess.  I mean, there was in the original designs before they got Bay-efied up.) It can get worse here since the Lions, save for the Black Lion, are generally identical in look.   While the concept art does hint at the colors, it better show up more distinctly in the movie or this is gonna really fall apart.
If kids can get it right, geez....
2) Too Michael Bay
Clearly the people behind the project, Atlas Entertainment, wants to ride on the Michael Bay wave and personally I think this sucks big time.  The look of Voltron has always been distinct.  I haven't forgiven Michael Bay for what he's done to Transformers.  I'm still depressed over what happened to G.I. Joe.  Please please please, can the Voltron Live-Action movie look MORE LIKE THE DAMNED THING?  I mean, if this cute girl could actually pull it off, why can't you?
See.  Now THAT is an arsenal.  Why would they need to separate from the robot
I have no idea.  Please, don't mess this up!
3)  Don't detach while in Robot mode!!!
Seriously, what's up with that?  Why on earth are those arms not connected right?  And why are they being detached as if that's a key maneuver?  Why not have the sword instead?  In fact, where are the weapons I used to love?  Where's the star-like spiked shield?  Crap, the toy line showed they had a HUGE array of shiny weapons.  Why on earth are you choosing to ditch them?  I still remember how much excited I felt when the Lions would grab their edged weapons between their teeth to strike at their opponents.  Why can't you make that image cool and happen?  Why the need to pretend you can be better than the original vision?
The Lion is already on the verge of crying.
4) This will be by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer.
Their credits are Sahara, Conan and Doctor Strange.
Nuff said.

5) Since they seem to be setting it on Earth
That already throws away 90% of the original storyline.
So yes, this is starting to feel less movie adaptation of a source and more... Halle Berry's Catwoman.
And we know how that turned out to be.



  1. *sigh* I'm already thinking of walking out of this one...

  2. This is what happens when Creativity is subordinated to Marketing.

    "We've got to make the show appeal to the 2010 kids AND the 80s kids! So we've got to make changes..."

  3. @Raipo
    I feel happy only for the fact that the new generation will at least know of Voltron, and maybe, like how we learn of Shakespeare through Gaiman, appreciate the original sources in time.

    So true. Sighs.



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