Sunday, August 22, 2010

Would you want to be part of NWA 6?

New Worlds Alliance 6.
Not the overly colored up tiangge.
Not the cosplay focused noisy band kind of event.
Not a glorified "look at me" "buy all my crap" event.

But one where real celebration of the fandom we love
take precedence.

Meeting fellow geeks who love the things we love.
Attending Talks.  Screenings.  Discussions.  Workshops.   Forums.
And displays.

A Real Convention.

Would you be interested in that?
I know I would be.




  1. Man i missed these kind of conventions. These days they fell like pretty much the same.

    Except Komikon and ToyCon of course!

  2. ok, i don't know anything about new worlds alliance, but those eggs are cute!

  3. New Worlds Alliance conventions truly celebrate the fandoms that exist, whereas most other "conventions" are more tiangges in disguise.



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