Thursday, August 19, 2010

Willpower. Hope. Love.

A little over a year.

We've learned how to cook.
We've been free to be geeks every single day.
We've been able to get the stuff we've denied ourselves for so long.
As well as the stuff we've been denied by others for much longer.

We still share jokes.  Laugh together.
We surf til dawn.  Or read til our arms ache.
We drink, dance and be merry.  We cuddle.
We make love.

We have traveled about.
We've gained new friends.
We've lost people we care for.

We've ignored taunts.  We've risen over lies.
We've learned and relearned to trust one another.

We share secrets.
We admit fears.
We inspire one another.  We challenge one another.
We never have to lower our intelligence for the other's benefit.

We are financially sound, evenly handling everything we should.
We respect each other's space.
We have grown to share each other's lives.

And we continue to get better and closer and stronger
each passing day.

Some people never find this kind of a relationship.
Some might have, but realize it never really began fair.
Some try, or keep trying, but years turn to decades and still nothing.

So pardon me if I sound proud to be with the man I love.
I love him for so many reasons.
He loves me for many others more.

And while others might rather live in shadows, half-truths, and focus on sex,
We are happy to be out and proud and together.

It may not be Wheelie Day today.
It may not be our "monthsarey" or our "anniversary"
but these are the thoughts that have come to me
while mapping out dinner plans and checking on you every now and then while you sleep.

This might not last forever.
Life never does.

But at least we know not a single second will be wasted.
Not a single day will be thrown away out of spite, or jealously, or infidelity.
Not a single year will be spent hiding everything we are and are proud to be.

And until that final day comes,
we will make every single moment one filled and warmed by real honest and loyal love.

We deserve this.

I love you, Rocky.

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