Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Someone is stealing Diliman?

Had a scare today when one of the readers of my Diliman comic thought he had seen another site that had my artwork and remembered that it claimed to be publishing it somewhere in the Pasong Tamo area.   Thankfully, we've concluded that he just misremembered some of the details of the old geocities.com site I used to have for the webcomic.  For a moment, though, I was both scared and excited.  I was scared at the prospect that someone out there was actually using my comic to earn money without me even knowing about it.  I was excited, on the other hand, for the very same thing.  I guess the idea that someone thought my work was good enough to be stolen and pirated and earned from was an exciting idea.

So I am both thankful and a tad disappointed to learn it was just a misremembered thing.

On the topic of Diliman, the last issue is finally rolling out with pages being uploaded weekly.  I've also tapped some friends who have been kind enough to agree to create something to make the release of this final issue even more memorable and special.  So expect to see more wallpapers, pin-ups, essays or write ups on Diliman or inspired by Diliman in the weeks to come.   I added two new pages in the blog site (an FAQ page as well as an Extras page) where you can find all these new stuff that will be rolling out.

I will also soon reupload the letters page which has letters I have received from many years back.  It is still nice to look back and see how my comic reached a wider audience back then.  Who knows.  Many with the release of this final chapter, more readers will give this book a second chance and see how much it has been a labor of love for me.

Thanks to everyone who never gave up on it!
And thanks to everyone who will now give it a second try.

Read it for free now!


  1. WTF...that would have been really heinous if that really happened.

  2. Adrian11:09 PM

    Actually, Tobie, I think your work is really good enough to steal. :)

  3. Thanks you two. :-)



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