Monday, July 26, 2010

My 24-Hour Comic History

Just got word today that I'm among the top 10 of the 15 participants of the recent Philippines 24 Hour Comic Challenge.  My entry, Deadline, was able to garner enough views over the last few days to be among those that will be shown to the judges.

The idea of a 24-Hour Comic was coined by Scott McCloud, who nicely shares the history of this challenge at his site.  I remain happy that my first ever attempt to make one still made his (no longer being updated) list.  The idea that my name is among a list that includes Neil Gaiman, Kevin Eastman and Dave Sim is an idea that just makes me wear a grin that extends from ear to ear.

A few years ago, I made my second 24-hour comic challenge when a group of people I know decided to hold one in Puerto Galera.  Sadly, though I was able to complete my 24 pages as well with their preferred theme in mind, my not being actually present in Puerto Galera invalidated my entry from being part of the printed compilation that followed.  I posted the entirety of the comic, entitled Pinoy Martial Arts, instead at my comic blog, which you can find here:

And finally, my third ever 24-Hour comic can be found here at the site of the recently concluded challenge.  Of the fifteen completed comics, my comic named Deadline was able to land a spot among the top ten.  The winner of the challenge will be published in an upcoming issue of Espresso.  While I don't see any chance of winning (having long gotten used to the fact my work tends to favor a niche market), I am excited to see how this challenge will end.

Here's hoping more and more people embrace the challenge and that people never stop wanting to share more tales through the art of making comics.

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