Friday, July 16, 2010

Facebook Eff Ups

Looks like my Facebook account is down.
Either they're really running maintenance (to my account alone) or someone out there has successfully fucked up my account.  While the shortlist of possible suspects is tremendously short, I don't think I'll bother attempting any  acts of reprisal.  Frankly, the fact my life with Rocky is the best time of our life in our entire lives will be revenge enough.   After all, the best way to beat a bitter person is to show how unlike that person, you're actually really happy.

This isn't the first time something unexpected and unwanted has happened to me lately.
Other than the rumor that reached my ears, there was also the fact Facebook itself has been wonky and very frustrating to use.  Porn star profile pages and adult production studios have been flooding my "recommended pages" options.  And the most anger-inducing facebook thing was this recent notification:

Yep.  I checked with Rocky and he never used that app.
Talk about virtual peer pressure being used to trick you to using an app.
And Facebook is earning from this trickery since that's a sponsored ad.

Once again, I feel the great urge to just quit Facebook altogether.  While many friends do keep in touch with me through it, the options to just text or call do exist and should soften the blow.  The biggest blow really is being able to share stuff with my contacts easily, an act I can accomplish via plurk although not all my contacts use that.

I guess time will tell.  Here's hoping the account becomes accessible soon.
If not, well whoever you are, guess what:  all you've done is help me do what I wanted to do.
And yes, we are still happier than you will ever be.

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  1. WTF? I have never used that app!



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