Friday, June 18, 2010

Vampires Just Don't Stay Dead

Giving in to my group's request, I am running (for I think the THIRD time now) the Giovanni Chronicles.  For those not familiar, White Wolf Gaming Studios published a series of role playing game books for their World of Darkness setting known as the Giovanni Chronicles.  While railroady in many ways, the game has great scenes of horror and personal tragedy and I guess my players just can't get enough of it.  After having a recent sci-fi game using the Trinity system, as well as a spin on the new World of Darkness line, the longing for the expansive metaplot and the evidently different mood and feel of the old World of Darkness was too strong to ignore.  Even better, my partner Rocky has never experienced playing in the old World of Darkness universe since his gaming life only began within the year that we got together... so this definitely will be a great chance for him to do so.

So, if you're interested in keeping track of this upcoming series of sessions, feel free to bookmark:

I dunno if I can accept requests to be "live audiences" just yet.  As the game tends to be very intense at a personal emotional level, the players might prefer some level of privacy during the actual sessions.  Will keep you  all posted if anything changes.

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  1. argh, me wanna PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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