Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perturbed... Sige na nga.

Having some unexpected issues crop up at work.  Unsure about certain unsigned checks.  Overall, I know these will untangle themselves smoothly once I get to contact the people I should.

On the homefront, however, things are fantastic!  Rocky loves the new couch and we're already tossing ideas back and forth for the coming Gay Pride White Party.  Shirt designs are the focus of the discussion and we've already narrowed things down to two key geekdoms to play with.

In many ways, the last few months have been the best ever for the two of us.  After a bumpy ride through the last year, this year brought with it realizations of how well we really work together and how healthy we are for each other.   It becomes hard, at times, to share this happiness with others without sounding like bragging (or for some reason be misunderstood as being afraid by other specters) but I am not unaccustomed to others giving ridiculous meanings to what I say (or not say).    All I will say for this post however is this:  Actions have spoken louder than words, and while words can easily manipulate things around, integrity shows when the actions do match the words.

I love you, Rocky.
We deserve this happiness.

More interestingly, Rocky has just informed me that the "kids" are up to something.
The kids refers to our collection of stuffed toys, mostly little critters that we liked keeping and have started naming.  There were some times when I'd have the "kids" arranged in a nice tableau of sorts to surprise and amuse Rocky once he got home.  Today, it seems, Rocky decided to do the same.  While getting dressed for work, I had this feeling the toys were.. different, but thinking it was just me and my paranoid doggy moments, I shrugged it off, got quickly dressed, and stepped out for work.  I was on my way to work when Rocky informs me the kids are up to something.  I knew it!  I should have studied what they were up to.  I guess that's another simple yet fun thing to look forward to later.

That's the kind of life we have now.  Every day has its little fun surprises.  Every day has its honest joys and hearty laughs.    Every day we find ourselves thankful for making the choice to give this love a chance.

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