Thursday, May 13, 2010

Victoria Court Contest Awarding in the horizon

Good day Directors! 

Great News! 

Our awarding event will be held on June 3, 2010 at the Robinson's Galleria Cinema 4 at 6 PM. We will be featuring all your short films on the big screen during the awarding ceremony. Each Director can invite 15 guests each to join us for the film viewing. We will also invite media guests and media friends to grace the event and meet all of you. Please pass a list of your names so we can reserve the seats.

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience during this whole program. Our last day of voting will be on May 20, 2010 until 12 midnight only. We have exactly 7 days to advertise and campaign for our films. Lets go directors!

We also added special prizes for Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack and Best Cinematography which were chosen by our judges Topel Lee, Rico Gutierrez and Iza Calzado. We will award them during the event too. 

We are very excited to see you all again and please send us your comments and suggestions for the event!

Again, many thanks!

Sincerely yours,



Okay, maybe this wasn't the best or most appropriate picture to use.   But I love Ice Candy!
And this is my latest one of me (taken by Rocky, of course!)

Currently wondering who to invite to the event.
Lots of thoughts running through my head. I want to invite my parents. But I am definitely bringing
Rocky along with me and I don't think they are ready to see him yet as my partner. Some people think after coming out everything becomes easy and simple. Sadly, that isn't really the case. The need to be much more aware of things and to juggle things better so that everyone involved has enough quality time with you is just the tip of the iceberg.

I want them both to be present.
I know I didn't win this. Not with other people gaining more votes than me. Personally, I knew from the start my work wasn't "masa" enough to win through sheer voting. But the fact that in all two voting attempts I was always in the lead with the most votes show that as far as "truly unique" votes are concerned, I was getting the favor of many viewers out there. And that was enough for me to count as a personal win.

I received email, ym messages, and comments from friends, family, and even total strangers who congratulated me on making such a simple yet touching piece. I was teased that I should have had my actor go full shirtless since his sando just made his nipples even more "eye-catching". Some were wondering why I didn't just shoot in video since film is naturally "choppy" (when in truth, I did shoot in video. Dek and I worked afterwards to give it an old film look) And many claimed to have been brought to tears (or at least felt tremendously mushy afterwards) when the film reveals in the end just who (and where) the Sweetie was.

Overall, many had their eyes opened. When reading my initial invite, most expected something scandalous or sensual when the worlds Victoria Court and Film Contest were seen. But after seeing Sweetie, they came to numerous realizations with the least of which being Victoria Court isn't just a motel.

I'm glad the contest is now coming to an end. I'm glad that I've touched peoples lives and opened other's eyes and ultimately, I'm glad I was given another chance to share my work and be a filmmaker. I miss film and I love every chance to work on the medium. In some ways I had hoped I'd win, I will admit that. I couldn't help but think Php50,000 would be a great amount of money to finance a short film I had in mind. But I guess one has to just be thankful for what blessings one gets.

Especially when they're received without having to try too hard :-)

The film was shot in less than 2 hours with a single camera.  The crew consisted of me alone.  Aids, my talent, provided for the camera and for transferring the video to an editable format.  Dek and I editted the thing within a single night.  So talk about easy without throwing away depth, quality and narrative sensibility.  :-)

So to my parents, thank you for always being there and for supporting me. To Dek and Aids and Kevin, thank you for helping make this film come to life. To Victoria Court, thank you for this opportunity. To everyone who voted, shared the link around, and invited even more people to watch the film and vote for it if they liked it, thank you thank you thank you! To you up there who gave me this talent, thank you for letting me have a chance to share it to others.

And lastly to my Egg, Rocky Sunico, thank you for pushing me to go through with this contest. Thank you for always believing in me and for telling me what I need to hear when I need it the most. And for inspiring me with a love that I know is true and pure.

Maraming Salamat Po!

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