Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sietch Creare: Almost a Year Old

The Sietch Creare's first anniversary is coming up and until now, Rocky and I have yet to actually host a house-warming party.  As he mentioned in his livejournal entry, we had many concerns before which kept us from actually having the party happen with the biggest among these concerns the concern regarding space and the distinct lack of furniture.  Not exactly gifted with a money cow to milk, we kinda have to choose carefully what we purchase and admittedly geeky needs have outweighed furniture desires as of the late.

But yeah, the Sietch Creare does deserve an housewarming for being our home for almost a whole year.  Add the joyful fact that the owners have decided to allow us to stay another year, and you simply have more reasons why such a party is imminent.

How does one host such a party however when looking at the geeks alone, accommodating them required something the size of Yale or O bar Ortigas?  Add to that the girls and O bar and BED friends and lastly the non-geek or non-bar friends Rocky and I have, how does one have such a Noah's Ark zoo of friends gather in one small speedboat?

I was partly toying with the idea of hosting it like a speed dating event.   Guests are given specific time slots they can come, and they are allowed to mingle only until a specific time (i.e. "Whoops, its five, gotta go time's out." "But I just arrived...")  which can be annoying but in the right mindset quirky fun.

Then there was hosting it as separate events but I fear not only the food prep and clean up needs that would require, but also the worry that the neighbors might not be able to stand three consecutive parties within the span of three days.  Holding it too far apart wouldn't feel like a single "One year at Sietch event."

There always does exist the option of very selectively choosing who can come.  This has the biggest con of making other friends feel they're "less welcome" and makes me feel unhealthy just thinking of it.  Barring very specific individuals whom I really don't care about, I don't really see this as being a nice thing to do to our friends.

So yeah, the idea of a house warming, while warm, is going to take some time to think about.
For now, here's some fond memories of the Sietch Creare from the first few weeks leading to our first month of staying here.

Here's to another year at the Sietch Creare!

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  1. Aaaw! I think it's wonderful that you guys have a place of your own. and it's so gorgeous! I wish James and I had something like this too -- but wher'd we put all of our stuff combined?! XD



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