Thursday, April 15, 2010


Life will always have its ups and downs.
What we can control, however, is how much of a downer we can be to others.

Personally, I get tired real quick of people who:
1) Live their lives at the expense of someone else's self respect.
2) People who seem to see happiness as equal to material wealth.
3) Individuals who like to blame everyone else for their own sorry lives.

And when faced with such people in social networks, I find the urge to shut them up or silence their feed to be tremendously strong.  However, I understand  many of such people thrive on attention.  And even more, on attention that they can use to snag their talons in deeper.

So yeah, choose what affects your life well.
And know when just ignoring them can be much more powerful than having to deal with them directly.


1 comment:

  1. Blaming is useless unless someone is horrible enough to be a soap opera contravida who wants to sabotage you at every turn of your life from paying your electric bill to buying detergent at the drugstore to attending a birthday party to getting a cedula to walking your dog.

    At the end of it all (at least within normal bounds of every day lives) things for the most part are our choice. Whining has a limit and sometimes when people while about other people with me I'm so tempted to just ask, why don't you just not mind them and take up crochet, paper mache or plant kamote? Kinaiinisan mo na, binabalik balik balikan mo pa. Or fine-friend mo pa. Ewan ko ba.

    People are funny, we all love picking at scabs but some more obsessively so.

    Blame the parents, blame the boyfriend, blame the girlfriend, blame the ex, blame society, blame it on the rain.



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