Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[Sweetie] and [Muse] update!

Due to issues with Youtube itself, the rules on how the winner shall be chosen have been changed.  A webpage shall be put up showing all the existing finalist entries.  Views are NO LONGER the key factor in determining who will win in the event.  

Instead, a second page shall soon be online where one can vote for their favorite film.  

This early, I want you all to know that I am very grateful for the support and passion you have all showed in helping my film get noticed by more and more people.  Once the webpage is up, I promise to inform you all as soon as possible what it is so that you can all vote for both [Sweetie] and [Muse].

Thank you so much for everything.
I can only promise that win or lose, this will not be the last of short film work you've seen from me.


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    kind of a bummer considering what I was doing hehehehe
    Still bring it on :) - kervs

  2. Aw man--WTF, changing rules mid-contest? Ewan ko ba. Ewan MacGregor. Aba sige di mangulit sa site.



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