Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Of all the things that you own right now, which one have you had the longest?

Hmm this is kind of a toughie.

When I first moved out of Tahanan Village, I practically gave up on a lot of keepsakes and important little things. When I moved to Cubao, I gave up even more.

If anything, a "something old" that I own and is of great sentimental value to me would be my De La Salle University graduation ring. While I don't consider myself as a true Greenie in the way how others do (those who are absolutely into UAAP games and all that jazz), I do remember doing what I had to get into DLSU without help or connections and being able to graduate was a pivotal moment for me in proving to myself I could do what I set in my mind to doing.

Now, the ring is co-owned by the one other person who makes my life complete.

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