Monday, April 05, 2010

More hits needed!

The gathering of hits and views for our two entries to the Victoria Court Director's Cut Challenge continues!  Currently, my primary short film, Sweetie, has dropped to second place (at the time of this post) with the lead having over a thousand views already.  Muse is trying to catch up with 800+ views.

There has been some talk about issues with youtube glitches and the like, and the people behind the contest are calling for a meeting with all the directors on what has been happening.  Apparently, some directors are crying foul over certain rules and decisions made. 

Personally, I'm just sticking to sharing my work, getting more people to see it, and being happy with the fact I've only heard two negative remarks so far about my film (with one being a complaint that I should have used digital video instead of film since film resulted in a shaking set of footage, which amused me since i did use digital HD and pushed the post to make it look like film)

So, do please help me win by watching my films (daily if you have the time!  but at least once is more than enough).  All views from today til the end of April are being counted.

Even better, feel free to share this to other friends, or reposting it in your blog, and inviting them to watch too.

Thank you so much for taking time to help me out.

"Sweetie..." a short film
A young man enjoys the beauty and tranquility of Venice with his sweetie.
directed, written and produced by tobie abad
cast: adrian arcega
editor: dekya

What if what you've been searching for has been right in front of you all along?
directed by adrian arcega
cast: tobie abad, macy a
music: perf de castro

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