Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary Rocky!

My very first picture of Rocky
(Our impromptu Valentine's Day hang out with the Faraons)
Earlier today, at 2:00a.m. Rocky and I hit our first anniversary.  After all the ups and downs, spirals and wibbly-wobbly bits of the previous months, our commitment to each other has proven true and we have hit the one year mark.

And in a remarkably embarrassing display of me-ness, I fell asleep.

Tired from the long drive to and from Paranaque, as well as hunting for my anniversary gift to my Rocky, I got home to cook him breakfast and very quickly fell asleep just a few minutes past midnight.

So hours later, I wake up to the sound of the door buzzer and open the door to find Rocky waiting outside with a HUGE bouquet of spring flowers.  *kilig soooooobra*  There's always going to be something about getting flowers that just makes me smile.  He reminds me that this isn't all he's got planned for me and now while mapping out a blog post do I discover what he means.

He wrote a live journal entry which he uploaded at exactly 2:00a.m. to commemorate our Anniversary.

Hay.   Some people think the best presents are expensive doo-dahs that suck away a month or two's worth of salary.  For me, the best presents are the ones that really show how much another person wants to make you smile.

Rocky Sunico.
Mr. Ricardo Rodolfo Rolando Grande Sunico, Jr.
I love you and I continue to promise to make each and every day with you a day to celebrate and be happy.

Happy Anniversary, my love.
And no, this day ain't over yet. 


  1. Happy anniversary to the two of you! It's not much, but here's a small gift. Here's to many, many more days of happiness and togetherness for you guys! :)



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