Friday, March 05, 2010

I live a double life

I live a double life.

While I have always been striving to embrace full and clear cut honesty, I will have to admit today on my blog that I live a double life.  In one life, I am quiet and disciplined and always doing what I believe my elders expect of me.  I share my insights when allowed to and remain true to myself by doing what I believe I should without compromising my personal views.  In my other life, I am giddy and energetic and have a habit of using my mouth a lot.  I make animalistic  noises and tend to leave wet spots in bed sheets and pillow cases.

In the first life, I am Tobie Abad.  I am the COO of the ABBA eTranscript and Training Services transcription company.  I am the writer, artist, filmmaker, comic creator, storyteller and gamer.  I am the geek.  I am the visionary.  I am the boy learning to cook.  I am the guy with the car named ABA.  I am the best friend, the listening ear, the honest buddy, the sensible advisor.  I am the guy with too much gum and too huge a heart.  I am the Taurean with a temper.  I am the calm in the storm.  I am the guy who comes up with ideas that eventually others think of and release in the market months later.  I am the Art Director who once was paid merely 8k monthly while handling major advertising needs directed at three countries.  I am the second son with the fourth iteration of a name.  I am the younger brother to one, the older brother to another.

In the second life, I am someone who my parents do not know.  I am someone some friends have not really known about yet.  I am someone that one person alone has successfully observed, suspected and finally understood.

And yes, realize this too is why I am deathly afraid of all other dogs.

I am a dog.

Only one person figured it out.
And it wasn't even me.
But my gulay, it makes perfect sense.



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