Sunday, March 28, 2010

Honor / achievement that you've received thus far that you are most proud of.

Hmmm.. uncredited, it would be the HUGELY successful "Mag LDD long distance direct" musical commercial which I made for ABS-CBN. It was so successful, the US people behind the product (but not the commercial) were given trophies/plaques. Me? Wala. Verbal ty lang. Kainis.

Recognition-wise, it would be the strange fact I have fans both in Los Angeles and here in Manila as far as how I handle my roleplaying game sessions. I actually have people in Los Angeles who "keep track" of my trips to Los Angeles and make sure they sign up to my games in any convention I attend. Some, I have never seen or heard from again for years, would fondly and excitedly sign up the moment they see my name.

Locally, there's a similar fanbase of sorts. I still find it overwhelming. But I am happy to know my style of gaming connects with so many people.

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