Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Day 060 of 365 Days of Geeky Happiness

Once upon a time, there was an Egg who loved collecting Transformers and there was a Garapata who loved creating stories.  They met each other and battled in cyberspace over Shakey's Pizza and beer.  And they began to realize they shared feelings for each other that were honest, pure, unselfish and real.  Though many things tried to stand in between them at first, there came a day when they realized what they had was something that deserved a chance to grow.

It has been one year since that day.

Happy Wheelie Day.
I remain true to my promise to love you and you alone.  To never vanish or disappear from you.  And to remind you that yes you truly deserve a life that is this filled with honesty, happiness and love and yet have enough space to grow and still be yourself.

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