Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Remembering Wheelie Day

I have been together with my partner for almost a whole year now.

In the time that has passed, there have been many ups and downs.  There have been unexpected twists, and anticipated turns.  But ultimately, there stands a stronger more honest relationship between two people who believe in a love that they deserve to have.

Sometimes, that's what people forget:

Things might seem too good to be true.  Honesty too high a price.  Happiness too constant to be real.

Or maybe things might seem too new.  Unfamiliarity too quickly dismissed as strange rather than as exciting.   Challenges seen to hastily as issues rather than opportunities to become better.

And when things get harder, sometimes we think, we don't deserve something this intense.
We don't deserve something this big.  We don't deserve something that seems greater than anything we've ever had.

Not after all we've gone through.
All we've done.
All we've said.  Or never admitted.

We confuse ourselves.  We cloud our inner judgment.
We tell ourselves we can only... we SHOULD only have so much.

I used to think I should be content with making my partner happy.
I used to think my happiness existed only in the other person's happiness.

I did not believe I deserved better.
I did not know I deserved better.

But then, sometimes all that Love really needs is an honest chance.
Everything in life has growing pains.
And unless you believe you deserve to be happy, you won't see the growing pains as merely you shedding away the habits you've gained to survive in the past and allowing yourself to become truly you once more.

I believe in us.
And I know we will get through anything, so long as we never cease to believe in each other.
I deserve you.
And you deserve me.

Happy Wheelie Day.
That was the day we realized how much we deserved each other for the first time.
Sometimes, it can be easily to forget.  Or to get scared.
Or to seek something we're more accustomed to.

But it doesn't change these facts:
We deserve each other.
We deserve to be this happy.

This is our choice.
Love.  Love.  Love.

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  1. Touching. Happy wheelie day to the two of you, Tobie! Be happy and wonderful!



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