Thursday, February 11, 2010

1. Are there any songs you're hooked on at the moment?2. What is your favorite Pixar release?3. If you could open a cafe / restaurant or bar, what would it look like, be like and what would you serve?

Currently having Jason Mraz' song "If it kills me" running in my head over and over, unless it is overwhelmed by Hanson's "If life is too short" and Maria Mena's "Just a little bit"

While I really sincerely loved UP, I still find Wall*E having that spot in my heart. A pity it was not able to be acknowledged as Best Picture in the Oscars. It should have been.

I would probably have a geek bar cafe, where the whole place is wifi friendly, with tables that have built in tablets (you can connect your devices or use it as a monitor for your stuff), alcohol is server alongside beer and food, with fun shows on stage and great music playing. On some nights, there'd be themed events ranging from group rpg sessions to geek thons and the like. I'd probably call it Geek'eh!

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