Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seven Red Things

I was recently tagged in a meme to post 7 red things that can be found at the Sietch Creare. My good friend Putingtikbalang contacted me and told me I had to follow two simple rules:

Two simple rules:
  • Post photos of 7 red things in your home.
  • Tag 7 people to do the meme.
So here they are. The seven red things I decided to take pictures of to fulfill this meme.

1) Rocky's Red Chucks
Got these for Rocky as a Christmas present. To my knowledge, this is his second pair of chucks and he specifically wanted a red pair with good reason. I'm just happy to be able to get it for him. Merry Christmas Rocky!

2) Tetris Magnets!
While they aren't wholly red (at least not all the pieces are), the L-shaped Tetris piece is red, so that should count. Every now and then I find new ways to configure the pieces on the refrigerator. This last time I decided to try and create words with them. I'd like to think I did well, even if the "e" is kinda forcing it.

3) Lots and lots of 10-sided dice
Gamers like myself need dice to play roleplaying games. In my case, being a Storyteller for Whitewolf Gaming Studios games, ten-sided dice is the die of choice. A large number of the dice I have collected over the years are red ones.

4) An official red Google mug
Yep. Rocky owns this treasure though, so don't bother trying to beg me to give it away. This mug is so precious, Rocky doesn't let anyone use it. Thankfully, we have a bunch of other mugs, some from Emman and Apple as well as another set from Nina.

5) Here at Sietch Creare, Rocky and I own a combined DVD collection of over 900 titles. Among the many titles we own, we have a number of red ones. I decided to highlight Frank Herbert's Children of Dune as the red DVD of choice for the meme.

6) M-Cups!
One of the other highly coveted treasures here in Sietch Creare is the set of measuring cups that are molded in the shape of traditional Russian matryoshkas. We have yet to have guests who did not want to take them home with them. Rocky got these as a present from his Archer.

7) Bench Red Seamless Boxer Briefs
Yep. Mine. Comfy and supportive at the same time. Not to mention, makes me look damn sexy when I am wearing them. (Or so I have been told!)

Now I'm supposed to tag seven other people to do the same thing. But since I have a thing against chain-letter-esque spreading of stuff, I'd rather just invite anyone out there who read this post to do the same and most their own meme. Don't forget to email me the link so I can check it out.

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  1. I absolutely love love love the M-cups and the Tetris magnets and the dice! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for joining! :)



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