Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really frustrated with Multiply today

Multiply has started to get really buggy.  Ever since they first tried to change the interface to look something similar to facebook/friendster, the site's services have been going downhill.  For a time, I had high hopes with photo uploading being easier here, as well as cross-posting to Facebook and Blogger.  But now, looking at how of my 365 Days of Geeky Happiness has been delayed by almost a week's worth of images, I am having my doubts.

Should I let go of this and just make it a virtual photoalbum?
Or do I make blogging here have a second chance?

What do you guys think?


  1. Bro, honestly, I tried to like multiply again seeing that I've met a lot of amazing people here, pero the CMS is getting really crappy. thus forcing me to go back to blogspot... =(

    Pero Im giving it one last....

  2. My usage has also dropped, but that's because Mac OS doesn't go well with Multiply, especially with the photos.

    ETA: I forgot to say that my browser also hangs for a second or two while waiting for my Multiply comments to load. This also affects my other tabs. Haaay.

  3. Sobrang delayed using our DSL connection at Cubao. Here in Paranaque, it seems to work better.

  4. nah ginawa ko na lang virtual photo album XD I still keep all my different accounts as I have some contacts that are exclusive to each account :)



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