Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan 2010 update

Me with my bagong gising rooster hairdo
I haven't really blogged in a while now. 

While I have been posting pictures for the 365 Geeky Days of Happiness project, I haven't really blogged much lately save for my ranting on local distributors messing up movie posters and the like.    To a large extent, there have been very many things I've been meaning to blog about but realize it would be best to keep off-line for the time being.  In the previous months, I may have seem to have been quite schizophrenic to some readers, jumping through topics like love, loyalty, passion, geekdom, happiness and pain with turbulent ease.  In many ways, my blog always reflects my current state of being. 

Today it still does.

Today, my blog is quieter.  Happier.  A bit more mysterious.  Perhaps, in some ways, a tad too geeky.  But if there is any major change, it is that my blog is much more selective of what things to be shared out in the open, and what things are to be kept just between me and my partner.

Because I realize now my life is no longer just my own.  My life is shared with someone and there are many facets in our life which we are keeping between us and us alone.  And those things will remain for us alone to cherish, to laugh about, to work on, to remember.

"Your horoscope for January 27, 2010
You could be tempted to work alone today, Tobie, but it's best to get some help from other people. Your way of approaching things may have merit, but two heads are always better than one! Don't let yourself assume total responsibility for a project if other people should be involved. Divide tasks equally and let your team members share in the work. You'll feel much better if you do this!"

Today I will remember that trying to hide any negative feelings from my partner will never work.  The bond I share with my partner cuts through such deception too easily.  I feel stupid for making my partner worry, considering the stress I was trying to conceal was a family matter and not something about us.  In my attempt to deal with it alone, I made my partner instead get stressed out as well.

But I guess that is something I myself am learning to really get used to.  I often told myself that my blog is a reflection of my life.  Save for the visual diaries, I usually openly posted my thoughts and feelings on it.  But nowadays, I feel the urge to keep certain stories just between us.  I feel the urge to have things we alone share.   And at the same time, am realizing that between us, nothing can really be hidden for long.  While at times the exact nature of what is concealed might not be easily read, the presence of such things are impossible to miss.

Trust, Sensitivity, Patience and Responsibility.
There truly is something beautiful about knowing your life is rich in these four things.

I am loved.
And I am in love.
Life is truly magnificently grand.


Not too long ago, I posted an open invite for:
Question for the Week
In an attempt to add some level of interactivity with my readers, I will now also open the floor for a Question of the Week. Readers can email me questions they would like to ask me (tobito_abad AT yahoo DOT com) and each week I will choose a question or two to answer. The questions can be about any topic, and I promise to answer the question one way or another.

Sadly it seems not that many people are interested in getting me to answer stuff.
So here's an attempt to turn it the other way around.  I ask a question each week and hope people answer. 

This week's Question of the Week is:
"If you could wish away one bad trait you know you have, what trait would it be?"

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