Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Question of the Week - 7

This week's questions comes from Joe.  

Joe asks, "What is your personal vision of Hell?"  

While it is quite infamous how much dogs freak me out, my personal vision of Hell is that of a place specifically forged to capitalize on your greatest failures in life.   For one, it might be reliving the day you could have made the difference in a friend's life but instead chose to be selfish.  For another, it might standing in front of the crowd once again and hearing everyone boo as you mention the wrong answer for the nth time in a game show.  Hell, in my opinion, is not about fire and brimstone (although it may be for some people).  Hell is about having the most terrible and painful moment in your life stretch on and on forever.  Hell may be quiet.  Or cold.  Or filled with animals you absolutely hate.  Or with dark clouds or rays of sunlight.  It may be at an island, a classroom, a mountain peak.  It may center on an unanswered phone, wilting flowers, uncovered lies, or the death of a loved one.

Hell is the worst made forever.

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