Thursday, December 03, 2009

Question Of The Week - 5

So, this week's Question Of The Week is again from Nicole, who had sent me eight questions to answer!  Not too long ago, I answered her first two questions.  Today, we answer the next three.

3. What is the reason why at times you say things, act, and feel like a genius, but in other times, you say things, act, and feel like a complete idiot?

I think this question is simply a reflection of the fact we human beings are unique in our own ways.  And this uniqueness is made more evident by the fact there are things which we are good and horrible at.  Even when it comes to fields we are good at, there always are areas or aspects of that field which we might not be quite proficient in. 

Ultimately, when the "idiot" moments show up, I think it is best that we just embrace them as part of the process and maximize them as an opportunity to learn more.  (For all I know, this week is one of them.  My previous weeks were answering questions like a genius, and this week I sound like an idiot!)

4. Why is PLDTDSL the ISP from hell?

Because they don't have to be better!  The beauty of a monopoly is that you don't have to be better.  Even with the existence of other services, those services still eventually use PLDT's systems in the back end.  Note however, as my dear Egg shares, that Globe is competing really well.  Rocky also shares that Globe Tattoo has been consistently gathering negative feedback.  So yeah, PLDT might actually skyrocket soon enough as having better service.

From my experience however, PLDT does have its great moments as far as the internet speed is concerned.  What I cannot accept however is the fact the biggest Philippine telecommunications company has only TWO hotlines to call, whether you are on a residential or business DSL account, and both connect to call centers who can't really do much to help you.  When there were issues with a land line problem, a letter written to them to note the cancellation was acknowledged three months after it was sent.

So yes, PLDT has a LOT to fix to be better in my book.
Too bad as far as they are concerned, I don't matter much.

5. Why are there doctors so full of themselves?  Aren't they supposed to be helping people rather than keeping their noses up in the air?

A little disclaimer to start this one: Not all doctors are like this.  But sadly a good number are.  But that number is probably just as large proportionally as there are egotistical artists, self righteous priests and money hungry public servants.  Oh wait, the public servants has a percentage that beats them all.

I once asked a similar question to a few friends of mine who were doctors and the response was something under these lines:  Medicine is a trying, taxing, lengthy expanse of torture and dehumanization.  Add to that a hierarchy where ass-kissing or boot licking is necessary, and you get the recipe that can turn some doctors into wicked bastards once they get their license.  Thankfully, the doctors (and med students) I personally know are people of values and virtue.  But I can see their point.  The long hours, the thankless patients, the one-upmanship going on during internship... such points of stress and unhealthy competition can kick a good man down.  Add to that how public practice barely really pays and private practice can be a bitch to set-up and you have a lot of doctors who end up with an attitude problem believing the rest of the world owes them much.

(Frighteningly, a lot of people discover their partners may have similar issues.)

And while we all would love to help them get their self-imposed chip off their shoulders, remind them that they can be better people, and thank them properly for learning to treat people as people and not just cash cows to bleed dry, we sadly can't.  Pride is a terribly powerful shield against common sense.

The concept of an HMO doesn't help either. 
Having a company decide if you are "covered or not" for certain treatment just turns the act of getting medication an opportunity to earn money for some corporation who doesn't even personally know you.  While many are blinded by the idea that "it works for the US, so it should work for us"  I still find myself favoring how medication is given out to people in Europe or even Canada.    If the government learns to keep its people healthy, the people stay happy.  And happy people mean better economy, since happy people love to work. 

That's the questions for this week I guess.  Got a few more emailled queries to cover in the coming weeks.  But don't think new ones are unwelcome!  Just send them in to tobito_abad AT yahoo DOT com!

Also, was glad to meet up with Rommel again after all these years.  I can't wait to have time to hang out with him again.  Mel has been one of my oldest and dearest friends, and in many ways was instrumental in getting me into Roleplaying games.  He has been living abroad for quite some time and it is simply spectacular to have him back even just for a few days.

Lastly,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Tracy!
Sana naman this picture will make people realize hindi tayo magkamukha!  I can't believe some people still think we're twins.  I don't see it.  I can't imagine myself being that pretty!

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