Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Garapata Marches

Sometimes, a guy has to do what he feels is right, even if other people might disagree.  Sometimes, a guy has to show support for what is right, even if others might think he is wrong.  I'm joining the Pride March later today. 

I'm showing my support.

I do not believe discrimination should be allowed to thrive, especially when it stands in the way and prevents others from having the rights everyone else is given.  While I understand not everyone will share such open-mindedness, I have long believed the government to the very least must do so.  And when it does not, the people must speak up and complain.

I have not complained for a very long time.

Even back during my younger years when I was much more vocal about certain views, when it came to gender politics, I usually took a back seat.  While I did have some play productions as part of Alternatibong Teatro para sa Bagong Pilipino which cited the need for gender sensitivity, I always found myself shying away from being more vocal against discrimination out of deference and respect towards my parents and family.  Understandably, they would prefer a quieter life.  Who wouldn't want one?

And in many ways, that is the same thing that is being sought here. 
A quieter life.

When one has equal rights, and is treated and accepted as an equal, one gains access to a quieter life. 

I join today's march to show I believe there is a need for acceptance.
For equality.
For understanding.

I join today's march because we all have to do our part sooner or later. 
I have wanted to do my part for the longest time.   Now, I choose to do so. 

For the past few years, I've called my blog "The Garapata Can Speak."
So I am speaking.  

I only hope you will, at least, listen.

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