Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 02 - Question of the Week

This week, the question I am answering is from one of my new good friends, Mahar. I met Mahar through Rocky although there were many other opportunities I could have met him (due to interconnected lines of friendship with people from theater, art, writing and the like.) As of the late, Mahar has been playing in my ongoing Changeling: The Lost + Promethean: The Created roleplaying game called [Once].

Having been running games for the better part of my life, be it private sessions in someone's house, to public demos in open gaming meets, and even as far as gaming conventions in Los Angeles, I have had a wide range of exposure to gamers and gaming groups of all kinds.

While it may seem easy to try to define gaming groups in certain sets (such as separating the dramatic gamers from the roll-players, differentiating the action star wannabes from the emo goth rebel types, etc) ultimately, an ideal gaming group is one that has these three main factors:

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