Saturday, November 07, 2009

Surviving Manila: Risen Threat - Chapter Two: KaQoH

The Metro Rail Transit had a total of thirteen stations. The stations were not identical, having been built to take advantage of both the terrain and nearby structures. Some, like the Ortigas and North Avenue station, were side platforms, with the tracks at the center and access between them usually achieved through an overpass or a footbridge. Others, such as the Taft and Shaw station were center platforms where a single platform lies between the north and south bound tracks.

Shaw station was one of the larger stations. It was smaller than the Taft and Araneta-Cubao stations, both being transport hubs that also connected to another railway system called the Manila Light Rail Transit. It was, however, a massive double island platform, suspended over a major intersection of roads, pedestrian walkways and an underpass. Positioned like a floating castle high above the street level, the station proved remarkably easy to defend against both human and zombie intrusion.

The station was also built to grant easy access to three major shopping centers. Elevated pedestrian walkways allowed those in the station to easily make their way towards either of the three shopping centers, making the station a highly desired location in a city swarming with the undead.

These facts were the same facts that one KaQoH came to realize within the first day of the zombie attack.

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