Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[Surviving Manila: Risen Threat!] Chapter six is online!

Chapter six: Regrets

After the death of Capt. Santos, the man now known as KaQoH could not find it in himself to visit the bereaved family. Having been one of the good friends of the late captain, Jalton Oserno was referred by the family as Tito Jal. It was a nickname that showed how much attachment they felt for him, but it was that same attachment and closeness that made the idea of being close to the family after Captain Rodolfo’s death harder.

Jal had fond memories of those days.

The Santos’ were very accommodating. It was the early dawning of the eighties and Jal, like many others, was still wrapping his mind around the vast potential that lay before the Philippines. Other countries such as Singapore, Hong kong, China and Indonesia all looked up to this growing tiger in their midst. Breaking free from the chains of Martial Law, the Philippines was set to rise from captivity as a new leader and economic power in Asia. The United States showed great support towards Filipino talent and ingenuity. The peso and dollar exchange rate clearly showed the Philippine market had growth and stability. But it was also during that time that many decided to take their chances in Manila, leaving the comfort and familiarity of their rural homes. Jal was one of them.


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