Thursday, November 19, 2009

So far so good...

There is a quiet existing over right now. I guess I should have realized what I was getting into. Last night, in the spirit of fun, I posted a simply status update in the social networking site:

How was I to know or anticipate the flurry of support and... uh... advertising that was to follow? I guess in some ways I should be thankful. It just shows you how much good natured friends I have. Maybe I should be flattered? The last time there was this much talk about my butt, it was over ten years ago back in De La Salle University college.

What began as a joke, suddenly had support.

Lynn, our diehard closeted Twihard (joke! She's actually part of Anne Rice Philippines) was quick to reply and show her support. The conversation goes back and forth and the next thing you know, people start actually LIKING the post. To my horror, I discover why word is spreading.

Lynn, ever the promoter, has posted this as her status update:

And soon enough, as geeks are wont to do, the rest of the geek world begins to show their support:

Aids, whom I first really met back last Jan 2008 when the Fabella sisters convinced me to join them for a long drive to Malaysia (Marikina) to visit Jovan, decides to join the fun.

As does Nick, who at first posted he wasn't interested in seeing my butt.

Dek tried to nonchalantly support me.

And suddenly, more and more support began to follow! The Likes began to quickly grow, hitting over 15 in barely na hour! Egad!

Even advertising began to hit as my wall suddenly had this:

The phases of this New Moon were not over it seems. In the hours that were to follow, more friends began to hear about this post of mine. And oddly, these were not even Twilight lovers. These were friends of mine who loved Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Lie to Me and the like!

The support was... lunacy.

Or in some cases, like Mika's, a long delayed act of revenge. Back when Mika, Mara and I were still new friends (those were during the UEN times) I used to torture her during slow traffic journeys by playing THE START OF SOMETHING NEW and BREAKING FREE of High School Musical over and over again. But it was a magical thing! For some reason, during those moments, the traffic always immediately began moving!

But I guess what really made me realize how big this was getting was when switching to the News Feed had these supporter posts as the hot topics. Out of the ten to fifteen hot threads posted on the News Feed, all of them were on it, with Shey's and Nick's as the top TWO.

I couldn't help but wonder where all the support for me to moon the New Moon movie was coming from until Rocky casually mentioned that the "girls were plurking all about it".


I don't even use PLURK!

And just that moment a friend who was now based in Dubai suddenly YMs me that he heard about what I had gotten myself into and that he was tempted to log in JUST to check it out as well.

When I asked him how he heard about it, he shared me a link:

Oh how does one not love friends who are this... supportive.
My gulay.

Thankfully, it is now 12 noon, Thursday, and so far we have this:

Current tally: 26 (although facebook now only shows 24 I'm counting the two other noncontact supporters)

I might just get out of this eclipse yet!

Damn you, Twilight! Damn you for ruining vampires and werewolves for me! The only this worse than you is... Heroes.

But yeah, NO MOON for NEW MOON for now. :-P


  1. you wish you wish you wish!!! more than halfway through and there's still plenty more time. hahaha...

  2. Plenty more time... gaga, wala nga akong time limit na iniset. Grrr.



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