Sunday, November 01, 2009

Holly Bolly Wood Ween

Halloween has always been a very special part of my life.

There was a time when every single year, I would be hosting a Halloween party back at my parents' house. I'd create invites and send them out to friends and schoolmates, then I would spend hours decorating the house and nearby garden - using everything from newspapers, to latex paints, to crepe paper and black cartolina - to transform them into haunting venues of nightmare and seductive darkness.

Oh how I loved Halloween. There was a guilty pleasure in being able to transform yourself for one single night into any ghastly, disturbing, thought-provoking thing you could imagine. [To my recollection, my favorite costumes were my H.R. Giger's Alien costume made using black plastic backs and paper mache, an Alien Chestburster victim with a Face hugger headpiece (again using paper mache, an old torn shirt, and lots of blood), and the Silent Hill deadly nurse (with deadly pipe and distorted face).] Anyone notice a pattern there?

This year, we were informed by friends at O bar that the theme was Bollywood!

Ironically, my family had a family thing that had a Bollywood theme in the past. If one traces the Abad clan's lineage, one will find the presence of British Indian blood in our tree. Unfortunately, all the possible costumes I had access to are all the way back at Paranaque.

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