Saturday, October 31, 2009

Since when did it become normal to feel bad about being happy?

Today, the storm seems to have passed.

My friend Dek and I were here at Sietch Creare last night, talking about the future of Fandom Live! (the internet show we are both part of) and the possibilities of bringing the show forward to a new level. We tossed ideas back and forth, with our conversations ranging from making the show much more efficient in production to approaching content with much more attitude and aplomb. At one point, I noticed it was already past midnight and remembered it was the soft opening of the second floor VIP area of my favorite hangout place in Malate, the fabulous O bar.

With rain assaulting the windows with a calm yet persistent fury, I quickly headed off to the other room, got dressed, and invited Dek to join me for a short night cap of San Mig light and laughter. After weighing some thoughts on whether or not she felt like going, she decided it wouldn't hurt to have a little bit of lager before leaving the waking lands.

The rain, however, had other plans for us.

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