Thursday, October 08, 2009

Balancing Acts

I haven't been able to properly blog as of the late. I will admit, a large part of this is due to the ease in microblogging that Facebook has created. Barely a minute of time is needed to post a fun, thought-provoking or honest Status Update which then your friends feel encouraged to reply to.

But another part of this is the fact that once one moves out of one's parents' home, one becomes aware of the numerous nitty gritty things to organize, juggle and deal with which used to be handled behind the scenes by the household help or other members of the family. These are basic simple chores ranging from doing the dishes, to sweeping the house clean, to handling the laundry and making sure the bills are handled. While in themselves, they are simple things to handle, the incremental amounts of time and effort do add up at the end of each day.

Today, for instance, I was expected to make an appearance at Paranaque for work, but at the same time, I was handling the current faucet problem we have (something in it broke after the water pump problem of the building. While the water problem barely lasted a few hours, the surge of its return kinda knocked something out inside the faucet. Thankfully, Rocky and I found a way to keep it from wasting water. We were kinda hoping, since the faucet is a "permanent fixture" that it would be covered by the owners of the unit. Sadly, it doesn't look like it.) which I currently realize may need some time devoted to contacting a friend whom other friends have highly recommended I reach to get a good faucet at a decent price. There was grocery shopping - a new absolute must at least once every two weeks - ever since Rocky and I have learned to cook (mostly him though. I still kinda have better chances at prepping desserts.) Then there was bill management and bank stuff (even with online banking, you find yourself forced to visit the bank for other things, such as depositing checks and the like). Cellphone stuff. Not to mention the tidying up around the house and making sure the bathroom ain't some biohazard zone.

And boy I tell yah, the time eaten by such things really adds up fast.

My parents are definitely going to through another fit regarding this. I can just see it now. I was hoping to make up for my absences last week (absences which, mind you, refer to my physical presence not being at Paranaque, even if I am handling work from the morning to the next day's wee hours every day.)

You do find yourself tossing in your head back and forth options: do we get help? how about micro managing stuff like choosing to clean house less often? grocery for things for up to three weeks worth instead? pros and cons do come up. Ultimately, you find in some areas you rather not change things, and in others, you wish you didn't have to do them.

But if there's anything else to be said, being able to start handling ones own daily activities without having your parents take over has its perks. To the very least, it builds character.

And we games love building characters. :-D

Excuse me now while I get back to work. And everything else.


  1. and I still wonder how you two find time to read all the comics and watch all the shows that you guys do.

  2. Sa bagay. Let's see: Glee, Lie to Me, Flash Forward, Fringe, (Heroes for Rocky), The Office (for me), then recently been reading (Rocky) All Star Superman, Astonishing X-Men, Avengers Disassembled, Spider-Man Clone Saga, Planetary (Me) Wonder Woman v3, Fables, Dragon Head, Legion of Three Worlds, and Looking Glass Wars. And recently saw The Happening, Spirited Away, Repo! (and me alone saw Delgo, James and the Giant Peach, Return to Neverland, Lilo and Stich, Peter Pan, Hook, The Woods) and watched Spring Awakening and Tick Tick Boom. And on the side, we play [Once] a Changeling the Lost and Promethean the Created RPG mashup.

    So yeah, :-D

  3. it boggles the mind!



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