Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Somedays you just wanna cuddle

Had a horrible horrible drive to Paranaque today.  Working for my family, as much as possible I do my darnest best to be back in my parents' house three times a week.  The work I do for them doesn't actually require me to be physically present (and I have time and time again proven this to be the case), but old habits die hard and my parents remain adamant they want to see me every week.

Today, I decided to take the C5 route rather than my usual EDSA route in hopes of shaving off a few minutes from the usually long drive.  It was a warm afternoon and I was anxious to get to work soon since there exists the possibility of catching a musical for free later in the evening.  Sadly, (or should I say aptly, considering what day it was) things were not going to go well for me.

The drive, while moving, took a horrid turn into slowcity when I found myself trapped in the leftmost lane and unable to transfer to the right lanes.  Car after car uncaringly blocked my vehicle even as I had my signal lights on to show I needed to transfer lanes.  After struggling for minutes, I ended up reaching the U-turn slot and saw a number of MMDA people who sternly told me I should take the U-turn.  I tried to explain I was struggling to change lanes but all they did was motion that I turn... or else.

So I was forced to take the U turn, drove back the way I came, and tried again.  This time, I kept to the right side of the lane and made my way hoping to eventually get out of the Acropolis area and finally hit the highway.

Luck would not be on my side. 

Some annoying guy in a barong and a pathetic looking car started driving uncaringly towards mine, forcing me to back up to the left side more and more each time.  It wasn't until realized he WANTED to move to the left lane that I realized the car after his wanted to do the same.  So lo and behold, a volley of cars on the rightmost side of the road were corralling me to the left side so they could turn left.

In the end, after blaring my horn and trying to be stubborn at first (as in motioning them to just go ahead of me so I stay in my lane), they forced me to the left lane and once again... into the U-turn slot.


By this time, it was already past 1:00pm and the traffic was growing worse.  Cars were slowly moving through the roads like sleepy sheep and I was annoyed beyond frustration.  I instead drove back to P.Tuazon, took the road to hit Edsa, and made my way south bound again.

It is now 3:00pm and I am finally in Paranaque.  Thankfully, God was kind enough to wait for me to settle inside before allowing the sudden and strong downpour currently drenching the world outside to fall.  But damn it, I wish I was home instead and cuddling.

Or sleeping.

Or dreaming.

Or hell, even working, since yes again I state it as a fact, I CAN do my job remotely.

I blame this week.  I blame the day.  Yep.  It just is that kind of day.  A day when the good guys get shafted.



  1. Sorry to hear this, Tobie. No worries, there are some better days out there.

  2. *sometimes, you are down and out and feeling sort of crappy
    and when I see how sad you are, it sort of...*

    ay wait. wrong song to sing. :-P

  3. can relate. you are not alone.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Buti na lang Mahar and Rocky dragged me to watch Spring Awakening today.
    It helped make me feel better.



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